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Have you ever visited Nijagal Siddara Betta off Tumkur Road? It's a historical and enchanting hillock that requires some effort to climb but can soothe your soul with its serene beauty.

However, the place is unfortunately littered with plastic waste left behind by visitors, spoiling the beauty of the place.

Children and parents of Samvida spent the day at Siddara Betta and collected nearly 10 sacks of plastic litter from just the path. These children have pledged never to litter any place for two reasons. Firstly, they believe that it is their responsibility to keep their country clean not just for themselves but for everyone. Secondly, they understand the environmental hazards caused by carelessness.

#NijagalSiddaraBetta #PlasticWaste #CleanEnvironment #EnvironmentalAwareness #Samvida #ChildrenForChange #OurCountryOurPride #Responsibility

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