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About Samvida

Samvida is a unique experiment in enabling learning for children. The primary stakeholders in this community are the children and their parents. Parents at Samvida are not consumers of a service, but are partners in the endeavor. Hence, we are keen on building long lasting parent partnerships. By this, parents who by choice want to provide an alternate learning environment for their children will also play an active role in the operations and teaching learning processes. In fact, several learning facilitators at Samvida are parents. A parent can choose any area to make significant contribution.

Learning @ Samvida

In the formative stage of a child, the role of the parents and the teachers is to help the child explore the world joyfully, without any fear. The sense of wonder, unbridled joy of seeing beauty all around, amidst play, is the flower bed for healthy wholesome thoughts and ideas to emerge from. The innate gifts of curiosity, playfulness and the ability to live-the-moment have to be protected.

Every child has unique combination of intelligences, interests and tendencies. Recognizing, encouraging and providing opportunities to enhance those is what a learning system should attempt. Providing enriching learning experiences where art, craft, music, movement and play are interwoven, enhances the joy of learning. Creating opportunities for the child to learn achieves a greater purpose than succumbing to the temptation of teaching – for, the questions in the child are more valuable than the answers we can give. The anxiety to force a child to acquire more information is unnecessary when enhancing the abilities in the child is a more fundamental objective.

Progressively with age, as children naturally change the way they interact with things they learn, logic, reasoning, abstract thinking, tend to start appealing more. Continuing to provide exploratory learning opportunities not only helps perceive the purpose of learning, but also helps hone their abilities and attitude.

Our Mission


By providing a learning system/environment which is different from the culture and traditions of our land and homes, we will only be successful in disconnecting the children from the roots. Samvida consciously practices learning in an Indian context – Our traditional knowledge, wisdom, ethos, languages, learning practices are all valued quite significantly and integrated in all activities.

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