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Purpose of Education

School is synonymous with education. Education, however, shouldn't be synonymous with school. It makes us perceive education in a very narrow sense, which unfortunately is the prevalent societal norm. The current schooling system, or a school in simple terms, is designed to address a very small portion of what education is truly meant to be. In fact, schools are only designed to provide the individual with a few hard skills and tactical knowledge enabling one to make a living. To face life and life situations much more is needed. During the formative years, much of the child's education should happen at home. Hence, Home has to be the primary learning environment. The informal setting, where the child is naturally comfortable, offers the ideal condition for learning. Subsequently, finding a purpose to and acquiring the attitudes towards life has to be enabled at home.

Education is enhancing and refining appropriate attitudes and capabilities in an individual, to be able to effectively face life situations and to live in harmony with oneself and the rest of the society. As parents, we should:

1. reflect upon the purpose of education and not be constrained with the prevalent view. 2. realize that school caters only to a small aspect of education and that the contribution of home in the child's development is understated. 3. understand that the culture nurtured at home is what stays with the child through the life 4. consciously adopt practices to make our homes culturally vibrant to foster the right attitudes in our ourselves and our children

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