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Samvida Children Celebrate World Environment Day with Vrijulal: A Workshop on Biodiversity and Tree Adoption

Celebrating the World Environment Day, the Samvida children had an engaging and educational celebration facilitated by Nature Samithi, marking the first workshop of the academic year. Here's a detailed overview of the event:

  • Special Guest:

    • Vrijulal: An ornithologist and nature educator, Vrijulal was invited to lead the session. His expertise and engaging approach made the event both informative and enjoyable for the children.

  • Morning Walk and Biodiversity Education:

    • Birds and Plants: During a morning walk, Vrijulal taught the children about various birds and plants. He explained the significance of each species and how they contribute to biodiversity and the ecosystem's health.

  • Practical Learning Activities:

    • Measuring Trees: Vrijulal conducted a practical session on measuring the height and girth of trees. This hands-on activity helped the children learn how to gather important data about trees, which is crucial for monitoring their growth and health.

  • Tree Adoption Initiative:

    • Adopt a Tree: Each student was encouraged to adopt a tree and monitor its growth throughout the academic year. This initiative aimed to foster a personal connection with nature and instill a sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation.

The celebration provided a comprehensive and interactive learning experience, emphasising the importance of biodiversity and encouraging the children to become active participants in environmental stewardship.

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