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Your child is likely to become You

Boldness, straightforwardness, steadfastness, calmness, helpfulness, truthfulness, simplicity are some of the desired attitudes, while arrogance, greed, deceit, anger and hypocrisy are some of the undesired ones in an individual. The environment during the formative years - childhood into the teens, and experiences thereof, predominantly influence which of these attitudes become dominant or the second nature of an individual. In the current societal and familial context, parents have the highest influence on a child during these years. Also, it is a fact that children learn by observing and following their parents than by moulding themselves on what they are asked to do or advised. In summary, children are more likely to acquire the attitudes of their parents, though superficial differences in conduct are noticeable. It is therefore inevitable that parents become the right role models for their child. Strengthening the right attitudes in themselves and conducting maturely increases the chances of their child growing into becoming a worthy individual capable of leading a meaningful life. Banking on capabilities of convincing the child, through fakery and through coercive advice, to acquire the right attitudes is likely to prove to be futile and frustrating. Parents being what they desire their child to be is an essential and irreplaceable aspect of parenting.

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